Evansdale Cheese

Matthew Dennison - The Fixer

Matthew Dennison - The Fixer

At twelve, Matt started to make Wensleydale cheese in the old Evansdale factory. This cheese was excellent, and his dad could not understand how Matt did it! This lasted for only a few months, when at twelve years old, Matthew found better things to do.

Matt worked on and off in the factory over the next few years, and was always willing to help. In 1998, when Annabel came to the Evansdale Cheese factory, we started to make sheep milk cheese. The milk was sourced from Jock Allison's flock of East Frisians at Milton. Every day for two seasons, Matt collected the milk from the farm and brought it back to be processed by Annabel. At the time the factory was running two day shifts.

From 2000 onward, Matt became involved in the building of the factory on the old Cherry Farm site. One memorable day Matt and Colin mixed and poured the floor for the new factory to build the staff kitchen. The concrete make for that day was 10.5 cubic metres of hand mixed concrete.

Matthew is the ‘go to’ person at Evansdale Cheese and does everything from cheese making to making sure our fleet of vehicles are doing what they’re supposed to do – work. Matt enjoys working with his family and in his spare time enjoys trail bike riding. Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time in Warrington with his family.

Matthew’s Evansdale Cheese Recommendation: For Matt, the Farmhouse Brie is his favourite cheese and nothing beats a gigantic burger or sandwich with an equally gigantic slab of Farmhouse Brie in it! Mmmm….

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