Wedding "Cheese Cakes" Cheeses

If you're looking for that point of difference or even something a little bit unique for that important occasion - consider one of our "Cheese Cakes"!
We can produce a variety of cheeses in different sizes for you and help you create a cheese cake for a wedding, a function or just as a decoration for any special day.

The sizes we can produce, from biggest to smallest (all measurements are approx and in cm's)

Size     Height               Across the top      Weight (kg)                $$
XL :     12-13                  30-31                      8-10                $ 250.00 n.b half is $125
L   :        7-8                   18-19                     2-2.5               $   50.00
M  :        7-8                   15-16                     1.200              $   35.00
S   :        7-8                   12-13                      .800               $   25.00
XS:         3-4                   12-13                       .400              $   20.00

Some of our cheeses are only available in certain sizes, please inquire for further information.

n.b the XL size we can cut in half length ways to reduce the size and weight.

For the bigger sized pics of some of the cheese cakes that people have created please go to Evansdale cheese on face book and the full sized pics are their.
(for some reason they just wont open bigger on here)

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