Evansdale Cheese

Wedding and unique Cheese Cakes

If you're looking for that point of difference or even something a little bit unique for that important occasion - consider one of OUR ‘Cheese Cakes’!
We can produce a variety of cheeses in different sizes for you and help you 
create a Cheese Cake for a wedding, a function, or  as a significantl decoration for any special day. They are great for corporate events, Christmas parties (a great alternative to a traditional Christmas cake) or as a special gift. While an ordinary cheesecake will have to be eaten straight away, these beauties from us can last for months, a solid investment in deliciousness.

The sizes we can produce, from biggest to smallest

(All measurements are approximate and in centimetres)
Size Height Across the top Weight Price
XL 11-12cm 23-24cm 5kg-6kg $260 note: half is $130
L 7-8cm 18-19cm 2kg-2.5kg $70
M 7-8cm 15-16cm 1.2kg $40
S 7-8cm 12-13cm 800g $35
XS 3-4cm 12-13cm 400g $25

Some of our cheeses are only available in certain sizes, please enquire for further information.

Note: the XL size we can cut in half length ways to reduce the size and weight.

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