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Marilyn's Blue

Marilyn's Blue

A special Blue cheese developed by Evansdale. It is in the form of a slab with the blue around the outside.

Can be served really with any wine but will go well with those drier whites. These are large cheeses and have to be carefully cut. If you buy a whole one you need to have a cheese wire or a large knife to cut these in half. These can be wedged, but care has to be taken in the position of the tip of the knife and then cut down with a firm even stroke.

On the table it is best to have these pieces as self-serving portions.
Marilyn Blue
This is a very unique cheese. During the ageing process, the penetration is helped by stitching but this is not marked. The result is a soft and very creamy blue with the outside soft and creamy, while the interior is harder. It demands attention as a blue with character and individuality.

Because of the way it is made it is sold on trays - of between 200 and 500 grams. The whole slab can be bought. This weighs between 1.3 and 1.7kgs.

Serving and Storage

Like all blue cheese, it requires a slightly richer and sweeter wine but because of the way it is presented this is not as necessary as with other harsher and totally pierced blues.

Best served on a cracker with salmon or smoked fish. Also, wonderful with pickled walnuts.

Please check back soon as this cheese is currently out of stock

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