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Karitane Mellow

Karitane Mellow

A large 8kg blue cheese - that has hints of blue streaks running through it.
We cut these into the following sizes for the online shop and approx weight is

Designed for cheese lovers who do not want to be intimidated by those very strong blues.

Karitane Mellow takes some months to develop to maturity and is lovingly looked after during this time, being kept in a special curing room that has been built,they are big xheeses of approx 4-6 kg but we cut to order.

This cheese is turned every five days and this allows an even development of the blue Roquefort flavour. Only four of these cheeses are made at any one time so they really are special.

This is a soft blue, but not creamy, and has developed a flavour as special as its name and comes with the cheese makers recommendation.

Serving and Storage

This is a large cheese and so needs to be cut into segments and served on a platter. There is tendency for this cheese to crumble - and this actually makes for the most perfect of all blues - but it also means that it has to be treated with care in the serving.
Note: we do cut these to size ie to match a 1200g average sized whole cheese or part of for a half or a quater.
if you want one of these in a whole round please contact us direct as the weight is 4-6kg

Available Options

whole $40.00 add to cart
half 1/2 $20.00 add to cart
quater 1/4 $12.00 add to cart
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