Evansdale Cheese

Pablo Dennison - Owner/ Manager

Pablo Dennison - Owner/ Manager Pablo Dennison fell into the cheese business. What started as an after-school job for him, developed into something he did every time he came back from overseas, at some point he stopped venturing overseas so much, and it grew into a full-time job. When the business moved from Evansdale to Hawksbury village it became a serious investment for Pablo and the business just got bigger and bigger.
Pablo loves all the opportunities that come up with his position and the best part about it is he’s been able to work with his family day in, day out. Of course, this means he’s also been fired 79 times and resigned 75 times, so he thinks he’s a better person for it. He gets to meet so many great and interesting people from all around the world through the cheese shop (as it gets thousands of visitors a year) and also at the Otago Farmers Market (that on a good Saturday morning has over 8000 people going through it). All this means it’s been very rewarding to be part of the company’s history and on-going growth.
He's refreshingly realistic and hardworking, saying, ‘business can be grief, it's a lot of hard work behind the scenes, but it's all worth it when it goes well.’ Some of his favourite sayings are, ‘it’s better to have one’s customers come to one’s shop, then to have to look abroad for them,’ By Manfred von Richthofen. Also, ‘Measure twice, and cut once,’ and, ‘If only we had the power to see us, as others see us.’
He thinks it's great that Evansdale Cheese staff do get to hear first-hand many positive comments on the cheeses, and that is incredibly rewarding.
Outside of work, Pablo enjoys travelling and football (soccer). Being Argentine; Lionel Messi (the soccer player) is the ‘best of all time’, as well as his Tottenham Hotspur team that he supports in England. Pablo has been lucky enough to see both Argentina, Messi, and Tottenham play live (not just on TV). Pablo is also a collector of military history and Anzac Day is a very special and important day for his family.
Pablo's Evansdale Cheese recommendation: You can't beat an Evansdale New York cheesecake (chocolate of course) using fantastic Evansdale fresh curd. The curd is also super delicious on pizza mmmmmmmmmmm! What a combo; pizza and then cheesecake for lunch!

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