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Laurel is a Farmhouse Brie that has been cured in a very special way.

This curing has allowed the outside to become very soft and creamy. This has turned the already brilliant Farmhouse Brie in to a spectacular cheese.

The Laurel flavour is incredible and a fully developed Laurel emulates the famous French high mountain cheese of the Central Massif. This is no mean feat and this product from Evansdale has won a number of medals in competitions.

This cheese is presented in approximate 1.2 - 1.3kg rounds and will have a pale finish on the outside.


This is a difficult cheese to present in cut portions as often it is too soft to cut and leave on the platter. So serving needs to thought out. We suggest a cheese cut in half and then left for self service.

Laurel is best accompanied with water biscuits or types of bread. It goes excellently with all sorts of wine but in particular the drier reds.

A reserved Laurel from the Factory, in its fullness of development has an aroma and texture that is truly a cheese lovers delight.

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