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Urgent Reading:
Thank you for looking and ordering-our apologies to you who have already ordered and are expecting soft cheeses by now. The soft cheeses are still 2 to 3 weeks away (mid August-week 2 to 3) and here is why...
"All cheese factory's close down over winter for a variety of reasons.
Fonterra have a winter premium on milk over this time (June and July), we pay per kilo of milk solids not per l-over winter we have the usual price that is set by what they get overseas for milk and that is called the "international default milk price" but over June and July they add another $2.50 per kilo of m/s (plus freight g.s.t etc) and this makes it very expensive to produce and if we do make its at a loss.
The winter milk is usually not from grass fed cows its usually hay, grain, silage etc as that is what they get to eat and this make cheeses more bitter, quite often the molds do not form on the cheeses as its to cold.
The cold also makes the whey lock into the cheeses instead of coming out of them and this also makes a cheese more bitter.
This is why factory's close over winter.
Hard cheeses i can make and store before this winter price rise.

We look forward to working with you and our apologies for any delays.

For those of you who have already ordered...Do you want us to keep the order until we can send it or wait and send your order as soon as every thing is ready to go.
Best wishes.

Welcome to the Evansdale Cheese online store, where you can purchase New Zealand made artisan cheese, and have it sent to your door, nationwide.

How to Order:
Just click on the cheese(s) of interest and click on the desired amount at the bottom of the blurb and the approx weights/cheeses sizes are 
whole 1.200g,
half .600g (1/2) or
quarter .300g (1/4) and it will be added to your shopping cart.

In the shopping cart you can add the desired amount if more them one size or multiple sizes of the same cheese is needed and from there freight is added and then your details; name, phone number, where to ship to, etc, any special messages and secure credit card options if needed.

Please read our Privacy Policy before purchasing. We ship throughout New Zealand. Please check out our Shipping information if you have any queries. By purchasing from us you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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