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Welcome to the Evansdale Cheese online store, where you can purchase New Zealand made artisan cheese, and have it sent to your door, nationwide.

How to Order:
Just click on the cheese(s) of interest and click on the desired amount at the bottom of the blurb and the approx weights/cheeses sizes are 
whole 1.200g,
half .600g (1/2) or
quarter .300g (1/4) and it will be added to your shopping cart.

In the shopping cart you can add the desired amount if more them one size or multiple sizes of the same cheese is needed and from there freight is added and then your details; name, phone number, where to ship to, etc, any special messages and secure credit card options if needed.

We do 100% reccommend ice packs and these can be bought in each cheese page ie soft, blue etc, it is up to you to decide if you require them but of note if you choose not to the courier will not cover you.

Please read our Privacy Policy before purchasing. We ship throughout New Zealand. Please check out our Shipping information if you have any queries. By purchasing from us you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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Basil and Garlic

This is a very delicious combination of Basil and Garlic. These work beautifully together as neither is the dominant flavour and they both balance each other perfectly.
From $12.00

chill packs

CHILL PACKS: we use "thermogard" and these are now available @ $2.00 each, we thoroughly recommend them as with out them the courier and us will not cover your order should it be delayed.
2 is best per box.

Mt Watkin Garlic

Do you have a vampire problem? then this is the cheese for you!!!
Looking powerful in a black wax and just like a garlic bread this is simply delicious but is not at all an overpowering Garlic flavour.

Named after mount watkin (Hikaroroa) that is a 616-metre peak located north-west of Waikouaiti. The peak was originally named Hikaroroa, and was renamed after a pioneer Methodist missionary, Reverend James Watkin in the 1840s.
From $12.00

Pepper cheese

Delicious pepper cheese with new york fine cut pepper and some larger seeds in it to catch you out-tasty
From $12.00

Ruby Bay

This is a more mature cheese, usually aged over three months and will keep unopened for twelve months or more to become a really tasty cheese.
From $12.00

Mt Cargill Tudor

This a new cheese for Evansdale Cheese, and don't be fooled by the unusual blue wax that it is enrobed in. This is not a blue cheese, but rather a super special cheese.
From $12.00

Komene Kass

Evansdale Cheese's version of the classic Dutch cheese set with cumin seeds.
From $12.00

Bay Yellow

From $12.00

Sage Derby

This is an old English cheese and is set with ground sage. The base of this cheese is Ruby Bay with the addition of the herb - sage.
From $12.00
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