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Bay Yellow

Bay Yellow

The longer these cheeses are kept, the stronger and tastier they will become. The turning of this cheese is critical so the movement of the internal enzymes is maintained and also to stop any undue cracking of the cheese surface.

These are grand cheeses, in the tradition of the great European cheeses, meant to be kept for long periods, and to be enjoyed by a number of guests. Ideally suited to those events where wine and beer in particular are to be consumed and where eating fine foods is an essential part of the festivities.
All of these will exhibit that stronger taste of the firm, older and mature cheese. It is cheese for mature palates - a cheese for those amongst us who are extremely wise!

Serving and Storing

Can be served really with any wine but will go well with those drier whites. 

average cheese weight is 1200g half 600g and 1/4 300g

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