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Mt Cargill Tudor

Mt Cargill Tudor

This a new cheese for Evansdale Cheese, and don't be fooled by the unusual blue wax that it is enrobed in. This is not a blue cheese, but rather a super special cheese.

Mt Cargill Tudor starts off as a Ruby, but after about three weeks it enters a entirely different curing regime.

This produces drier (and yet) a wonderfully tasty cheese.

Because of the curing and the subsequent waxing the moisture is kept in the cheese and this coupled with the curing process produces this unusual cheese.

It is truly hard to describe this flavour that we have developed here! The flavour is certainly full and sharp, yet there is a special subtlety that comes as you enjoy it.

The taste is in the aftermath of the tasting process when the nasal taste buds become active and the full flavour bursts upon one.

Mt Cargill Tudor is a cheese that we are proud of.


The serving of Mount Cargill Tudor is similar to the Ruby Bay but we think best kept for those friends that you really want - or need - to impress!

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