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Sage Derby

Sage Derby

This is an old English cheese and is set with ground sage. The base of this cheese is Ruby Bay with the addition of the herb - sage.

Sage is added as soon as the curd is taken out of the vat and this allows it to mix totally. We then enrobe the curing cheese in green wax and the round - when finally cured, will weigh between 1.2 and 1.3kgs.

Sage Derby is not a common cheese in New Zealand, but in the central counties of the U.K. it is common and a well known cheese.

Serving and Storage

The herb produces textured cheeses with a very distinctive flavour and goes wonderfully well along side other flavours. It is used with fish dishes and we particularly recommend smoked salmon or with biscuits and small capers. It is a cheese that you can experiment with and with that experimentation really impress guests.

Again this is a cheese that you can present along side other cheeses but because of its colour and flavour it can stand alone.

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