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Welcome to the Evansdale Cheese online store, where you can purchase New Zealand made artisan cheese, and have it sent to your door, nationwide.

How to Order:
Just click on the cheese(s) of interest and click on the desired amount at the bottom of the blurb and the approx weights/cheeses sizes are 
whole 1.200g,
half .600g (1/2) or
quarter .300g (1/4) and it will be added to your shopping cart.

In the shopping cart you can add the desired amount if more them one size or multiple sizes of the same cheese is needed and from there freight is added and then your details; name, phone number, where to ship to, etc, any special messages and secure credit card options if needed.

We do 100% reccommend ice packs and these can be bought in each cheese page ie soft, blue etc, it is up to you to decide if you require them but of note if you choose not to the courier will not cover you.

Please read our Privacy Policy before purchasing. We ship throughout New Zealand. Please check out our Shipping information if you have any queries. By purchasing from us you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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Apple butter

Delicious apple butter.

cherry butter


chill packs

CHILL PACKS: we use "thermogard" and these are now available @ $2.00 each, we thoroughly recommend them as without them the courier and us will not cover your order should it be delayed.
2 is best per box.


Lilly's Confit is fantastic with Evansdale Cheeses.

Fantastic figs 3 packs

We have in stock a fantastic range of hand made figs from Te Mata Figs to compliment our cheeses.
the following are in stock @$9.99 each

3 fig gift collection: 3 x 30g of 

The cheese board collection: 3 x 30g 
n.b please state in the comments what one you desire.


high country pickle


Pear butter

Beautiful Pear butter.

Penati Crackers

Delicious Penati crackers-we have the following flavours
Garlic and black pepper,
Cheese and Onion
Garlic and Onion
Chilli (keto approved)

Please state what pne you would desire and subject to availability.
120g per box.

Quince butter

A delicious, traditional flavour - Quince butter.

Red pepper jelly


rhubarb butter


Tuapeka comb honey

This is simply stunning with Evansdale cheese and it does not matter if spread, drizzled or baked on our cheeses, your taste buds will thank you.

Tuapeka honeycomb is a the natural product made by honey bees for storing honey and pollen. The waxy cells can be chewed and enjoyed as a gum.

Each 120g jar contains a hand-cut chunk of freshly harvested, deliciously textural local honeycomb. Covered by raw natural honey to decrease the chances of crystallisation, it is not only beautiful to look at, but also delicious to eat. 

Its raw unpasturised presentation makes for a more textured consistency than filtered honey.

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