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Komene Kass

Komene Kass

Evansdale Cheese's version of the classic Dutch cheese set with cumin seeds.

Originally made for the long sea voyage to what now is Indonesia, this cheese keeps well and develops into a strong tasty cheese. The seed itself is from a native plant originally grown on the Eastern end of Java.

Today we make our rounds smaller than the traditional Dutch cheese and we enrobe them in a yellow wax. Because of this wax, and the subsequent retention of moisture, the seed is still dominant within the curd.

Serving and Storage

Komene Kass needs to be turned every week to maintain an even curing and the final product develops the wonderful full flavour of the cumin seed.

This is a semi tasty cheese and goes well with red wines and presents itself on the platter as a proud and an unrelenting cheese, well suited to a variety of cut cheese applications, it adds a difference to the cheese platter.

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