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Farmhouse Brie

Farmhouse Brie

This is our iconic cheese. The cheese that has given Evansdale Cheese so much. It's the cheese that we guard so jealously today.

Invented and developed by the Dennison family and Evansdale Cheese over 30 years ago. Farmhouse Bries weigh about 1.2kgs. There is some variation because it is hand made but it will always be in excess of 1.2kgs.

There is white candidium mould on the outside and this should penetrate inwards to produce a soft outward surface of about half a centimeter. The rind should bloom and it is this rind that will give the extraordinary flavour of well-ripened Evansdale Brie. Often the white mould will give a hint of fresh valley mushrooms.

The interior of the cheese should be firm and easily cut, with a smooth even flavour, which should be subtle but penetrating and linger in the palate.

Serving and Storage

The cheese is easily cut into small slices and is best cut in half (rather than wedges) and then processed from there. The Farmhouse Brie is a classic after dinner cheese, along with Evansdale Cheese Ruby and Tania, and can be used with either red or white wines. If served with biscuits we recommend something soft and unsalted. Like most of the Evansdale Cheeses, this is an economical cheese that will cut evenly and smoothly with little wastage. Wrapped and refrigerated, it will keep very well and will not attract environmental mould.

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