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Caerphilly is a fresh white cheese, originally from Wales, but made with variations all over the world.

This is a fresh cheese; made today and eaten tomorrow and this means that it has little acid development.

It is white with a noticeable milky flavour and this flavour is maintained for about 6 days after which it disappears as the cheese begins to develop into a harder cheese.

Caerphilly is very lightly salted on the outside and it depends for its internal tasting on enzymes to develop its very special flavour.

Serving and Storage

It is a great cheese to cut, presenting a clean and even surface and is ideal for a topping on biscuits with olives, capers or salmon.

It makes an excellent base for a cheese cake or can be added into stews and soups to give a special flavour and consistency.

When very fresh it will 'squeak' on the teeth due to a low Ph value and this is used in Canada as indication of freshness.

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