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PLEASE NOTE 1: During June and July we will only have forzen curds as all cheese factorys are closed over this period and we are unable to make fresh curd,

PLEASE NOTE 2: The minimum order is 500g during June and July.

Perfect for poutine, new york cheese cake, spinach and curd pie mmmmmmm

please note during winter (june 1 to aug) we are not making a lot of curd and cheeses,please email us for availability on curd on
when we are making it takes us about 5 days to make.

most of the curd is sent frozen to you and here is a good read on frozen curd as its perfect for any of the above..poutine etc
Can You Freeze Cheese Curds? Yes, But Follow These Rules (diys.com)

Curd is processed Caerphilly cheese.

Our Curds are a fresh white cheese, originally from Wales, but made with variations all over the world. This is a fresh cheese - made today and eaten tomorrow - and this means that it has little acid development.

It is white with a noticeable milky flavour and this flavour is maintained for about six days after. Then it disappears as the cheese begins to develop into a harder cheese.

Serving and Storage

It is a great cheese to cut, presenting a clean and even surface and is ideal for a topping on biscuits with olives, capers or salmon.

Curd cheese is Caerphilly cut into long fingers of cheese. It is the basis of the famous French Canadian Poutein but can used in a number of dishes here.

It makes an excellent base for a cheese cake or can be added into stews and soups to give a special flavour and consistency.

When very fresh it will "squeak" on the teeth due to a low Ph value and this is used in Canada as indication of freshness.

Curd cheese has a short shelf life of five to seven days and must be kept cool (4 degrees celcius). It is best to buy on the day of manufacture and the Evansdale Cheese Factory will deliver this cheese on a day to day basis.

Ordering: please do order in advance as curd is not made every day and is not a cheese we keep in stock and is only made when the factory makes cheese-contact us on 03 4658101 to be sure of availability if needed quaicky.

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