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Tania Smoked

Tania Smoked

Carefully selected Evansdale Farmhouse Brie cheeses are smoked in hot smoke from Manuka chips to create the unique flavour that is Tania Smoked.

Evansdale Cheese Tania Smoked starts out as Farmhouse Brie. While a lot of commercially produced smoked cheeses will use chemicals to induce the smoked flavour, we do not!

Carefully selected Farmhouse Brie cheese rounds are taken to be smoked in the smoker at predetermined temperatures. We use hot smoke from Manuka chips for smoking, to create a delicious, unique flavour. During this process the white Candidium mould is turned a deep brown and the outside will melt a little. On cooling, the outer surface becomes much firmer and so the final product should have a firm smooth texture. 

Serving and Storage

This cheese is easily cut and will not have the very soft outside. Ideal to accompany the Farmhouse Brie. Because of the heat and subsequent cooling, this cheese is really a different cheese and presents itself on the cheese platter as an individual in its own right. An economical cheese which will produce very little waste and keeps well.

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